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Katia Drozd is an experience professional photographer who has worked with a lot of clients and customers in Europe and USA. She specializes in portrait, maternity, engagement, kids, and family's portrait photo shoots.  She is very passionate about photography and ensures her customers has a great experience and happy with the outcome results.


I love capturing the perfect moment. Whether it is two people in love, kids having fun or a family getting together. Time is passing by so fast, you do not know how it happened but one day you look around and you see that kids have grown up, parents have become older and your friends do not look the same they used to. It might seem a bit too sentimental but I love looking at old pictures that bring up the best memories from the past because photos do carry you away to those happiest moments. That is why I try to capture that perfect moment that will stay with you forever.

Bay Area Photography Katia Professional Photographer in San Jose and San Fransisco Bay Area

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